Welcome to our charming outdoor space, an urban oasis in the vibrant heart of Milan. Here, amidst the city’s bustle and the warmth of our cozy ambiance, we invite you to experience a unique culinary journey.

Immersed in a relaxing and chic atmosphere, you can enjoy pleasant moments outdoors, surrounded by the greenery of plants and the liveliness of Milanese life. Our outdoor space is designed to pamper the senses and satisfy every gastronomic desire.


Accompany your moments at Bulk with a selection of the finest wines or indulge in our creative cocktails, designed to enhance the culinary experience and add a touch of glamour to your evenings.

Our goal is to turn every visit to our outdoor space into an unforgettable moment, where the joy of conviviality blends with the pleasure of good food and good company. We are ready to welcome you warmly and make you feel at home, because here at our outdoor space, every guest is special.

Come visit us and let yourself be enchanted by the charm of our outdoor space in Milan. We are ready to give you moments of pure joy and gastronomic satisfaction.