Giancarlo Morelli, from enfant prodige to award-winning Chef. A shrewd and kind entrepreneur with a lifelong passion, four restaurants, and numerous accolades in international haute cuisine.

In his elegant and straightforward kitchen, tradition, innovation, and conviviality converge. Always respectful of nature and without waste.

Born in the countryside of Bergamo to a family of farmers, he developed a passion for cooking from a young age, imitating his mother’s gestures.

After graduating with top marks from the Hotel School of San Pellegrino Terme, he began his career at 18 as a Junior Chef on American ocean liners. He traveled, worked, and learned. Once back in Europe, he refined his skills under the guidance of renowned chefs such as Bernard Loiseau, Troisgros, and Alain Ducasse.


At 24, he became the director of Italy’s first golf club in Monticello, and subsequently opened his first restaurant, Pomiroeu, in Seregno, Brianza, in 1993.

The restaurant is named after the apple, a fruit he considers the beginning of everything, and it has received numerous awards.

The chef’s cuisine, which combines tradition, innovation, and conviviality, earned him a Michelin star in 2009.

Always an entrepreneur, some of his most significant projects in recent years include: Phi Beach on the Costa Smeralda, Il Ristorante Morelli, and BULK Mixology Food and Bar located in the 5-star Hotel VIU Milan, as well as numerous consultations around the world.

Chef Morelli is actively committed to promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly cuisine through participation on the boards of organizations such as CARE’S and Le Soste.